Steep Me Like Tea - Body Scrub

Steep Me Like Tea - Body Scrub

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WITH EVERY THING YOU NEED FOR A GOOD OL' CUP OF TEA THROWN IN A JAR, YOU'LL FEEL LIKE YOUR SWIMMING IN A TEA POT. Hints of chamomile and ginger undertones can be found under bold peppermint overtone. Steep me like tea- scrub, pairs well with a steaming hot shower. The relaxing chamomile will help scrub your worries away, the ginger relieves tired muscles, and the mint will help you to breathe a little easier; did we mention there are real mint leaves and fresh ginger in this scrub? When they all come together, they're perfect for a quick refreshing hand scrub or a hot steam in the shower when you're under the weather just like your favorite cup of tea . Don't forget the matching body butter and bath soak ; you'll thank us after you've spent hours steeping like tea! (vegan)

  • Ingredients

    Epsom salt, fresh ginger, coconut and olive oils, ginger oil, pepermint and chamomile essential oils, mint leaves. 

  • Shelf life

    12 Months

  • Care Instructions

    Because this canning is made with natural oils to moisturize your sink; tub or shower floors may become slippery. Use caution when entering or exiting!