Steep Me Like Tea -Bath Tea

Steep Me Like Tea -Bath Tea


WITH EVERY THING YOU NEED FOR A GOOD OL' CUP OF TEA THROWN IN A JAR, YOU'LL FEEL LIKE YOUR SWIMMING IN A TEA POT. Hints of chamomile and ginger undertones can be found under a bold peppermint overtone. Steep me like tea- bath soak, is prefect for steeping in a bath of hot water. The chamomile will relax your worries away, the ginger relieves tired muscles, and the mint will help to breathe a little easier; did we mention there are real mint leaves and fresh ginger in this soak?? When they all come together, they're perfect for a short refreshing bath or a long hot soak when you're under the weather just like your favorite cup of tea.Use loose leaf style and let the ginger and mint leaves float around you or use tea bag style with the organza pull string bag included! Comes in 8oz glass jars or airtight zippered stand up pouch.  Don't forget the matching body butter to moisturize your skin after you've spent hours in the tub. (vegan)

  • Ingredients

    Epsom salt, fresh ginger, pepermint and chamomile essentail oil, mint leaves.

  • Do Not Ingest

    This product is meant to be use in a bath or foot soak. DO NOT INGEST!

  • Shelf Life

    6 months