Egyptian Hiblisscus- Bath Tea

Egyptian Hiblisscus- Bath Tea


This bath tea combines Epson, pink Himalayan, and Portuguese sea salts; an incredible trio that pulls aches, pains, and toxins out of your body. Sun dried Egyptian hibiscus leaves not only naturally turn your water a fun light pink color but reduces depression, anxiety, cholesterol and blood pressure levels and has a wide range of other benefits. Last but never late to this party is the always overzealous Grapefruit. Sure to brighten your mood; grapefruit aids in mental and physical fatigue! Use loose leaf style and let the hibiscus float around you or use tea bag style with the organza pull string bag included! (vegan)

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  • Ingredients

    Epson and pink himalayan salt, Hibiscus leaves, citrus essentail oils, vitamin oils.

  • Do Not Ingest

    This product is meant to be use in a bath or foot soak. DO NOT INGEST!

  • Shelf Life

    8-12 Months