Coconut & Rose- Bath Milk

Coconut & Rose- Bath Milk


All the Luxury we could find in a jar. Pink and Red Roses and coconut milk - what you go to the fancy spa for is now in your own tub (or foot spa)!


When you really want to treat yourself or just need some serious skin pampering a milk bath is the perfect treat. Putting milk in your bath water has many benefits including softening and hydrating your skin. This bath milk still has all the detox properties of our bath tea but with the addition of vitamins and intense moisturizers found naturally in coconut milk.

Roses contain a complex combination of antioxidant, minerals, and emollient properties. They contain antiseptics in their DNA, helping them treat inflamed or irritated skin and soothe dry and itchy skin condition including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, infant and baby skin issues, chickenpox, shingles or sunburns. Pour into a reuses drawstring pouch or pour directly in warm bath water and enjoy your path to healthier moisturized skin! 8 ounces! (Vegan)

  • Ingredients

    Cocount Powdered Milk, Dried Rose Petals, Epson and Pink Himalayan Salt Rose Essential Oil, Vitiamin E Oil.

  • Do Not Ingest

    This product is meant to be use in a bath or foot soak. DO NOT INGEST!

  • Shelf Life

    6 months